Easter Sunday

Hey blog world! Today was Easter Sunday! When I woke up this morning, I went Easter egg hunting! I found lots of chocolate!I was tip toeing around like a ninja trying not to wake anyone up while doing so! LOL! After I found all the eggs I ate a couple of the big ones. Then I looked out the window and noticed we got a couple cetimetres of snow. Luckily most of it slowly melted throughout the day. Then in the morning I arrived at the church at 9:45 a.m. to help out with the Easter egg hunt after church for the little kids! Then me and another person in my youth group, E, put numbers on paper bags (to hand out for the kids to collect Easter eggs in). Also the numbers were on it for a draw at the end of the hunt. Before the hunt started, everyone was gathering around seeming pretty excited! Then someone was taking pictures of everyone and then I jokingly said “No! Not the paparazzi!” LOL! Then that reminded me one of Lady Gaga’s songs – Paparazzi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nIvBI2_hSY! Then when the Easter egg hunt started, all the kids really seemed to be enjoying it! After the egg hunt, was the draw. They called out numbers and whoever had the bag number they called out, won a prize. It was either a tiny game or some kind of special chocolate! The draw seemed to go on forever though! Half of the numbers they called out no one had that bag number!

When I got home, I ate a couple more pieces of chocolate! Then for dinner me, mom, nan, and pop (my dad couldn’t go because he was at work (out in the sea)), went out for dinner! Then later on we went for a drive.

ALSO! Easter Sunday is when God came back to life! Now his spirit is roaming throughout the Earth watching everyone! And that means YOU!

Have a good Easter everyone!



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