Good Friday

Hey blog world! Today is Good Friday!

What is Good Friday? Well let’s just say that’s when Jesus died for us. Why? To stop bad things. It wasn’t easy though. He was crucified. Jesus was beaten, whipped, forced to carry the heavy crucifix, and was nailed alive to the crucifix. He went through all that torture for 3 straight hours. A couple minutes before he died, he said “I’ll rise again in two days!”. On Easter Sunday, he came back to life, and now his spirit roams the Earth for all eternity!

At youth group (I’ll make a blog post on that sooner or later) Monday night, we watched a movie called “The Bible Collection”. It was long so we watched the second half of it. I didn’t know Jesus went through that much torture. Some man who resembled the devil told Jesus about how inncocent people were being tortured and/or executed, how wars don’t seem to be ending, and other terrible things that were happening. Then a couple days later, was when Jesus was being executed. I was still wearing my jacket so I put my hood up when it came to the disturbing parts. I also developed a fear of the devil.

God died for US! Everyone! He is with you. He created everyone for a reason. And like all of us, Jesus farted (something I learned at the other youth group I go to).



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