Things I find funny

Hey blog world! This blog post will be on things I find funny!

  • Goat Remix of Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble 
  • In the Pennigtons kids section, there’s a mirror in there that makes your reflection funny! Ever since I was little, I couldn’t look at it without laughing and water coming out of my eyes!
  • My reactions to bees. If I see one, I will start freaking out! And the way I react is pretty funny! LOL!
  • My two cat’s meowing! It’s pretty funny when they meow in a long and weird way!
  • Apparently, I heard that the actor for Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, thought Justine Beaver was a girl when he first heard of him! LOL!
  • This picture!
  • My jokes! Yup, I sure laugh at my own jokes!

What do you find funny? Tell me in the comments!


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