Hey blog world! First period today in school we had music! And we watched a movie called “Stomp”. It was actually an interesting movie. It’s 45 minutes long (including the closing credits). I strongly reccomend it if you like acapella! It took place in an alley, stage, sewer, and kitchen! There is absolutley no speaking in the video. The only human communication there was was in the kitchen when the waitress says “Ordering!” or “Order up!” two times. And the angry growling chef from the window of the alley when people are making their own music there. They don’t use regular instruments. They use brooms, tap shoes, pots, pans, socks, basketballs, buckets, street signs, etc. My favorite acapella one there was definatley when they used the brooms! I thought that was sick! The weirdest thing they did was play pipes in the sewer! During that part I thought “What if someone flushes?” and I totally called it! Then the people in the sewers used umbrellas to cover up! LOL!

How do you make music without using instruments? Tell me in the comments!


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