Bad habits

Hey blog world! We all have our flaws. This blog post will be on my bad habits. I’ve got quite a lot of them! LOL!

  • Overreacting. Sometimes I will take things the wrong way and end up “explaining my point of view” for quite a while!
  • Not understanding feelings. It’s hard. Oh well! For example, if someone complains to me over something silly, I’ll just respond with an indifferent “Ok”.
  • Laughing inappropriatley. Probably since I got a lot of funny encounters in my life! It’s definatley hard to in school! In a quiet classroom, I’ll sometimes try to hold it back! And in the car, again I will be laughing at something funny that went through my mind.
  • Having my hands up in a rabbit-like position. I seem to do it more in public than I do at home. Sometimes in public if mom catches me doing it (and I don’t realize it) she will either say “Hands” or nudge my arms. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember and can’t seem to stop!
  • Eye contact. I will avoid eye contact depending on who I’m talking to. One time during a language arts presentation (this year) (for the book I was reading it was called “Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl (good book!)) and got 0/3 for eye contact. Whoops!

Ok well it seems as if I’ve got five bad habits. Do you have any bad habits? Tell me in the comments!


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