Hey blog world! Know the alphabet! Why? Without it you wouldn’t be able to communicate with other people, write, or read. At they gave us a challenge to write a blog post without using a letter from the alphabet. challenge accepted I chose the letter Z. For zebra! LOL! Now here it goes:

This blog post will be on socks! I know, weird topic! Without them our feet would be cold! During the nighttime I even sleep with my socks on! Then eventually kick them off when my feet gets too warm. If I see a cool pair of socks in any kind of clothing store, I’ll ask mom to get a pair! I don’t know why but for some reason one of my cats, Dante, likes playing with them! He sure is a playful kitten! It’s true! He likes socks just as much as I do! Of course, I don’t wear socks in the summer! It’s way too warm temperature that time of year! Want to know what kind of socks I do like? Fluffy socks. I find them so warm! I’ve got a variety of fluffy socks in my sock drawer! I’m wearing a pair of fluffy socks on my feet right now! The colours are red, yellow, white, and blue!

Now I challenge you to do the same! Pick a letter from the alphabet and write a blog post without using it! Good luck!


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