Comedy of Errors

Hey blog world! From, I got an idea to write a blog post on something that went wrong. This one happened many weeks ago when I had the flu. I showed up for school (when I had the flu) one day and my nose was STUFFED. First period my class had tech and when tech was almost over someone farted. I was the only one (in the classroom) who didn’t smell it. After recess, I was in math. In the middle of math I went to the bathroom to blow my nose. Making sure no-one was in there I looked for shoes under the stalls and there wasn’t. Then I thought no-one will hear me now! I blew my nose for quite a while! I didn’t know I was that being that loud because right when I walked out – there was two classrooms next to the washrooms and both heard me. There was a Grade 9 (french immersion) and grade 7 (english I think) class that heard me and when I walked past both classrooms I heard hysterical laughter coming from those two classrooms. After school when I got home I decided to get myself a snack – which was popcorn (cheese flavored)! And I couldn’t taste it! Blew my nose again and still couldn’t taste anything!

Did anything ever go wrong for you? Tell me in the comments!

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