My new (second) cousin!

Hey blog world! My second cousin was born today! My cousin and his girlfriend are his parents by the way. He (yes, he’s a boy!) was born on my great grandpa’s birthday (February 22nd) (my nan told me that)! My uncle (who is officially a grandpa!) called our house less than a half hour ago and told us that he was born at around 6:00 p.m. ish! We don’t know his name yet since my cousin and his girlfriend haven’t picked out a name for him yet (If I did know his name, I’d be using the first initial of his name as I always do with the people I know I mention in this blog). I am lost for words and can’t stop smiling! Can’t wait to see him tomorrow! I bet he’s really cute! And most of all…can’t wait to watch him grow throughout the years.



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