Jokes that I came up with!

Hey blog world! Most of my family and friends know that I’m hilarious! Here’s a couple of jokes that I came up with so far (and more to come!)!

  • “I was walking along and saw a beetle on the ground. Then I said ‘Oh my gosh it’s Paul McCartney!'”
  • “I’m a farting girl in the farting world!” (my chorus spoof of Barbie Girl by Aqua
  • “Everybody farts everybody farts everybody farts too much!” (my chorus spoof of Everybody Talks by Neon Trees
  • Yesterday in dancing (me and L.B. are in the same dance class by the way!), while we were doing warm-ups, one of the songs that played was Kiss You by One Direction then a couple Directioners in my dance class sang the part “And let me kiss you!” And then I’d be like “Kiss you?! I hardly know you!” (after my brain reminded me of when my friend L.M. won a Kiss You I Hardly Know You award!)
  • I didn’t know I was even being funny for this one! In grade 4 when we did science one day, we happened to be doing a visual thingy for eye pupils, and it involved the lights turning off. After Mr. Y (my grade 4 teacher) said “Did anyone notice anything?” I said “That the lights were out.” and everyone cracked up!         

         Have you came up with any jokes? Tell me in the comments!


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