Hey blog world! I’m reading a book called Rules by Cynthia Lord ! This is my first book review on my blog! I’ve been so curious and interested in this book since I first saw this book included in Scholastic Book Orders in elementary school! I rented this out from the library in our school!

The book is about 12 year old Catherine who is trying to have a normal life. But with her autistic brother, David, it’s hard. With his abnormal behavior (such as reading the rating of a movie loud enough for everyone to hear and getting triggered when he hears “Maybe, it depends, and I don’t know”) and embarrassing her in public, she decides to set up a list of rules on how to improve on his behavior. Such as “An peach is not a funny looking apple”, “Hug mom, not the video store clerk”, and even “Keep your pants on in public” and a bunch of others.

I know two people with autism. One, which is my friend, L.M., not bad autism at all, and my mom’s friend’s neice, K. K would probably act something similar to David. And K’s brother, J (never met J before (probably did but don’t remember it)), has more severe autism that K. He barely speaks, and yells a lot. He’s also in a wheel chair.

I plan to be a special ed teacher when I get older! I think helping out with disabled children would be a great thing!

I’ve finished chapter 1, and so far the book is really interesting!

Do you know anyone with autism? Tell me in the comments!

One thought on “Rules

  1. I’ve seen “Rules” in the schoolastic book orders before as well. I had no clue there was an autistic person in it! I’ll definately have to check that out! To answer your question I know loads of people with autism! I go to school and bowl with a lot of them. I know some people with Autism that can talk, some that can’t and some that can talk but only know a few words! I love hanging out with other autistic people!

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