Just another cold…

Hey blog world! Having a cold sure isn’t fun! I’ve had it since yesterday! I’m both coughing and sneezing! When I woke up yesterday morning, I had this itchy feeling in my nose and throat. Luckily it stopped after I was fully awake! Then I’ve noticed that my breath was hotter than usual. After recess in school when I was heading to my next class, some girl from the 8th grade happened to be behind me and yelled someone’s name at the top of her lungs. I didn’t flinch. I’d mostly likely to but I didn’t. Why? Your hearing gets a bit low when you have a cold. Thank God my hearing was low for that one moment! During last period yesterday when the school had an assembly for bullying (since Anti-Bullying week is coming up soon (I’m going to make a blog post for that week when the week comes)), at random moments I’d be coughing! When I was with L.B. (I have two friends whose both first names start with an L so I use their initials so you don’t get confused) during lunchtime and when we sat next to each other for the assembly, she thought that I must have had a cold. And she was right! Then after school I didn’t go to tutoring to avoid passing on the cold. Today my nose has been stuffed and every time I would try to get rid of it, it would come back again. Then at some point today I went into the washroom to blow my nose. I looked under the stalls to make sure there was no shoes. Nobody was in there, and thinking that no one would hear, I blew my nose. I didn’t think I was that loud but apparently I was. When I came out of the washroom, apparently a Grade 9 french immersion class and a grade 7 (french immersion I think) class – both classes heard me blow my nose because those were the two classes that was closest to the washrooms. Opps! LOL! In school I’ve been trying (since yesterday) to not give anyone else my cold! Mom said I didn’t have to go but I went anyhow. One other thing that sucks is that I can’t taste any sweet or salty foods that I eat. Today after school me and mom went to the drug store to find something for my cold. I already took a pill less than 45 minutes ago. I’m hoping this cold will get better soon!



One thought on “Just another cold…

  1. I hate having colds! I’m still getting over one! My nose is stuffy and I’ve got a cough! I hated it when I couldn’t taste things right! Especially my cranberry juice! It tasted horrible and that really sucked! I’m glad my taste buds are finally back to normal so I can enjoy it again!

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