Comedy of Errors

Hey blog world! From, I got an idea to write a blog post on something that went wrong. This one happened many weeks ago when I had the flu. I showed up for school (when I had the flu) one day and my nose was STUFFED. First period my class had tech and when tech was almost over someone farted. I was the only one (in the classroom) who didn’t smell it. After recess, I was in math. In the middle of math I went to the bathroom to blow my nose. Making sure no-one was in there I looked for shoes under the stalls and there wasn’t. Then I thought no-one will hear me now! I blew my nose for quite a while! I didn’t know I was that being that loud because right when I walked out – there was two classrooms next to the washrooms and both heard me. There was a Grade 9 (french immersion) and grade 7 (english I think) class that heard me and when I walked past both classrooms I heard hysterical laughter coming from those two classrooms. After school when I got home I decided to get myself a snack – which was popcorn (cheese flavored)! And I couldn’t taste it! Blew my nose again and still couldn’t taste anything!

Did anything ever go wrong for you? Tell me in the comments!


Song pieces I’d like to learn on piano!

Hey blog world! I sure love playing the piano! There are also certain songs I’d like to learn someday on piano! I thought I’d share them!

What songs would you like to learn on piano? Tell me in the comments!

My new (second) cousin!

Hey blog world! My second cousin was born today! My cousin and his girlfriend are his parents by the way. He (yes, he’s a boy!) was born on my great grandpa’s birthday (February 22nd) (my nan told me that)! My uncle (who is officially a grandpa!) called our house less than a half hour ago and told us that he was born at around 6:00 p.m. ish! We don’t know his name yet since my cousin and his girlfriend haven’t picked out a name for him yet (If I did know his name, I’d be using the first initial of his name as I always do with the people I know I mention in this blog). I am lost for words and can’t stop smiling! Can’t wait to see him tomorrow! I bet he’s really cute! And most of all…can’t wait to watch him grow throughout the years.


Funny Mr. Bean episodes!

Hey blog world! This blog post will be on the funniest Mr. Bean episodes I’ve seen!


Mr. Bean asleep in church:

Mr. Bean is having trouble sleeping:

Mr. Bean counting sheep:

Mr. Bean in the toilet:

Mr. Bean watching a horror movie:

Have you ever seen Mr. Bean? Which episodes do you find funny? Tell me in the comments!

Soundtrack to life

Hey blog world! Today in Religion class, we went to the compter lab to do a sheet on what songs we think would describe the following moments of life! I thought I’d share mine!

High School Graduation: Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Wedding: Lady In Red – Chris De Burgh

Birth of a Child: Born This Way – Lady Gaga

Divorce: Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye ft. Kimbra

Winning the lottery: Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennet (skip to 1:26)

Finding out you have a long-lost sibling: I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You – The Bee Gees (I actually didn’t know I had a half sister until I was 8)

Losing everything you own in a fire: Part Of Me – Katy Perry

Revealing your true nature: True Colours – Cyndi Lauper

War/Fighting for your country: Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia

100th Birthday: Birthday Song – The Beatles

What song do you think describes your life? Tell me in the comments!

My favorite rap songs

Hey blog world! I’m not a big fan of rap but here are a couple of rap songs that I do like!

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This

Macklemore – Thrift Shop

PSY – Gangnam Style

Second shortest post! Oh well! What rap songs do you like? Tell me in the comments!

Jokes that I came up with!

Hey blog world! Most of my family and friends know that I’m hilarious! Here’s a couple of jokes that I came up with so far (and more to come!)!

  • “I was walking along and saw a beetle on the ground. Then I said ‘Oh my gosh it’s Paul McCartney!'”
  • “I’m a farting girl in the farting world!” (my chorus spoof of Barbie Girl by Aqua
  • “Everybody farts everybody farts everybody farts too much!” (my chorus spoof of Everybody Talks by Neon Trees
  • Yesterday in dancing (me and L.B. are in the same dance class by the way!), while we were doing warm-ups, one of the songs that played was Kiss You by One Direction then a couple Directioners in my dance class sang the part “And let me kiss you!” And then I’d be like “Kiss you?! I hardly know you!” (after my brain reminded me of when my friend L.M. won a Kiss You I Hardly Know You award!)
  • I didn’t know I was even being funny for this one! In grade 4 when we did science one day, we happened to be doing a visual thingy for eye pupils, and it involved the lights turning off. After Mr. Y (my grade 4 teacher) said “Did anyone notice anything?” I said “That the lights were out.” and everyone cracked up!         

         Have you came up with any jokes? Tell me in the comments!