10 Minute Post

Hey blog world! This post I’ve got to write a blog post for just 10 minutes and when the timer goes off publish it! challenge accepted Here it goes!

Now this post will be on how I view myself!

Optimistic! I think postitive on everything I do. And unlike most 14 year olds, I actually have very high self esteem!

Intelligent! I have a logical thinking brain when it comes to mysteries and such! Also for example, in school I might not know how to do something, then once I’m taught it I actually learn pretty quickly!

Friendly! I’m nice to every single person! And I get along with everyone! My friend L.B. doesn’t really get along with most people in school I notice. It’s none of my buisness. I prefer to stay out of it.

Fun to be around! I tell quite a variety of interesting stories! Also I like to entertain my friends and sometimes other people with my sense of humor!

7 seconds! Bye!

5 thoughts on “10 Minute Post

  1. Great job! By the way the people I don’t get along with at school are the bullies. There are a few of them. I keep away from those people though. I eat with the challenging needs kids at recess and lunch. I really enjoy that!

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