Countries that I would like to visit!

Hi blog world! My friend, L.M., gave me a blog post suggestion on what I should do! L.M. sent me this link on Facebook:! It is a challenge without using three letter words! Once I have seen Challenge Accepted meme I typed back “Challenge accepted! (LOL!)” Sorry if some sentences don’t make sense! challenge accepted This blog post will be on countries that I would like to travel to (besides USA, also Canada) Here it goes!

Ireland ! A couple of my grandfather’s ansestors came from Ireland! Seems like nature of Ireland is a beautiful landscape! Also I have always wanted to learn to do an Irish dance!

Russia ! My father came from Russia! If I ever meet a couple of my Russian relatives, first thing I will quote is “Previet!” which means “Hello” in Russian! Then I might quote “Yavi Choos Heir” which means “I want cheese” in Russian! Funny! My mother said that as they first greeted my grandmother from Russia (my grandmother is no longer on planet Earth unfortunatley). I also have a half sister from Russia! V! V is 28 I think. Also landscapes, towns seem very nice to look around at!

England ! Towns also landscapes seem nice to look around at! England also have history there that seems interesting to know about! They also have great accents!

Want to attempt at this challege? If your mind chose to, good luck!



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