My friends!

Hey blog world! Now this post will be dedicated to my BFFs! They are both sure fun to hang around with! I am SO glad I met them! I also love it when we hang out together! It’s always a good time! (I just said a song lyric! LOL! Good Time by Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen!

L.M.: I met L.M. at Bulldogs summer camp in 2010 (Why did it have to close down? Oh, the memories!)! Me and L.B. (I’ll get to her soon!) met her there and we are sure glad we met each other! Me and L.M. sure like pretty much the same stuff! Like Chris De Burgh, cartoons, God, AGT (Amercia’s Got Talent) and a bunch of others! I see L.M. as interesting, fun to be around, awesome, and funny! I also forgot to mention, a talented singer!

L.B.: Me and L.B. first met in elementary school! We didn’t know each other until 4th grade, when we had to do a science project. Mr. Y said for everyone to choose their partners and everyone was with someone in the blink of an eye! Except for me and Laura! We decided to become partners, and after the project we got to know each other a bit better and next thing you know were best friends! We also go to the same junior high! Unfortunatley that she’s not in my class this year, we still see each other at lunch! Me and L.B. also have the same type of point of view! We think the same way! Hopefully me and L.B. will me in some classes together in high school next year! I see L.B. as funny, fun to be around, and awesome! In most people’s point of view, they see her as annoying and obnoxious. But I don’t!

What do you like about your BFFs? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “My friends!

  1. Thanks for saying such nice stuff about me Emma! I think the same about you! I think your really funny, fun to hang out with and awesome! I love it when we get together! We always have so much fun!

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