PSAs from the past

Hey blog world! Now this blog post will be on PSAs (Public Service Announcements) that used to come on as commercials long ago that I remember of. These are all from Concerned Children’s Advertisers

House Hippo Commercial I remember the first time I saw this I was just about to ask my mom for a house hippo until they said “You knew it wasn’t real, didn’t you?” and I was bummed out! I really wanted a house hippo!

Health Rock (Food Activity) This commercial’s song is actually pretty catchy! The commercial also motivates people into living a healthy lifestyle!

Body I actually think this commercial is pretty weird since a guy took his head off and danced around headless! Again this commercial also tells you on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Head This is the same guy from “Body”. Except he’s hungry and loses his head! When he finds his head, it gives him something healthy.

Ice Scream Every time this came on I would laugh since they missed the ice cream truck!

UNFORTUNATLEY: Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth This commercial used to creepy me out when I was little! And it would give me nightmares! It still scares me to this day! The scary puppets! I am SO glad they took this off the air!

Think Before You Post I’m not sure if it’s still playing as a commercial or not. By the way I sure do think before I post! And know how to spot an internet predator.

UNFORTUNATLEY: We’re Not Candy Again this commercial creeped me out when I was little and still does to this day! (Me and L.M. made this title and the other title with UNFORTUNATLEY on it as one of our forbidden words!)

Moe Funky (not sure why it’s called that) In this commercial it tells you when it comes to important decisions, don’t play games. Instead, use your head. (That rhymed!)

Smart as You In this commercial it’s a talking TV that tells you about how your as smart as the TV and you have choices and such.

The Chase When this commercial came on I thought it was funny since he was being chased by girls!

Media Monkey When this commercial came on I thought it was funny since the monkey kept flicking things off! When I think about it if some monkey kept flicking off my lights, computer, TV, and such, I would be annoyed. This commercial tells you to not depend on technology for healthy choices – but to make them yourself.

What commercials do you remember from the past? Did I miss any? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “PSAs from the past

  1. I love the media monkey! It’s so cute! It’s got a magazine ad too! Also I got duped by the house hippo too! The very first time that I saw that ad I jumped off the living room floor (cause that’s where I was sitting at the time) and was just about to ask Mom for one but then when I saw the end I got dissappointed. I like the Smart As You one too! It’s funny! I love it when the cat is on the TV’s head! Robert from youth group and I were talking about it and he said “When the TV starts talking to you directly that’s when you should go to bed LOL!

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