My pets!

Hey blog world! This post will be all about my pets! I got three pets! Two cats, Raoul and Dante, and one dog, Simba! I sure love them all!

Raoul: He’s my first pet! Raoul was around before I was! I love petting him down and having him come in the room with me watching me on the computer! He will sometimes sleep on my bed in the night! Although he sleeps on the table (we put a cat bed there!) now that Dante is here (probably to avoid getting jumped or tackled by him)! Raoul will even listen to me when I call out to him and such! And it’s very easy for me to make him purr!

Dante: We had him in our house since October 16th, 2012! I was suprised to see him in our house! He’s five months old at the moment! Dante is very hyper and full of energy! Even in the night time! A couple days ago I woke up in the middle of the night and felt tapping on my nose! You’ve guessed it! It was Dante! LOL! Sometimes I’ll even see paws under my door while I’m in my room! LOL!

Simba: We had her since I was 7! I remember begging for a dog! One day I came home from school and there she was in my backyard and I saw dad and mom playing in the backyard with Simba! “Who owns that dog?” I asked “It’s yours!” said mom and dad! I was just so happy that I didn’t know what to say! We sure enjoy playing with her in the backyard, taking her for walks with us, and bringing her to the dog park!

Do/did you have any pets? Tell me in the comments!


3 thoughts on “My pets!

  1. I had lots of pets! A dog named Bear who was a golden retreiver and he died of old age when I was 8 and I had a black cat named Spook who’s heart gave out when I was 10 (I think). I also had lots of fish! I named them all after characters from “Fairly Odd Parents”. Unfortunately our catfish was a cannibal and ate all the others! He’s the only one left.

      • I also pet sat a few times! Once I pet sat my parent’s friends turtle and they didn’t tell us it’s name so we renamed it Alice (because of Alice Cooper). When we gave the turtle back we found out it’s name was Franklin! I also pet sat my Uncle’s dog Sasha once! I asked her her opinion on what PJ’s I should wear one night! She didn’t respond LOL!

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