My family!

Hey blog world! I thought I’d dedicate this post to my family! I have an awesome family! I love them all!

My mom: I don’t know what to say! I have the best mom EVER! We both don’t need a “bonding time” because we are just that close with our relationship! I enjoy every minute with her! And the house I live in now, is where she grew up in! Also she had this bear named Yogi Bear (named after the old cartoon Yogi Bear !) which my great aunt Louise gave her and mom let me have it! His name is Yogi Bear! Also I am very open to my mom and talk about anything with her!

My dad: I also LOVE my dad! Unfortunatley he goes out to sea a lot but we both sure want to hang out together when he comes back! I enjoy every minute with him! Sometimes he’ll even hide chocolate! Don’t tell mom, ok? LOL! He also came from Russia (In case you didn’t know I also have a half sister from Russia (she still lives there))! I know some Russian!

My nan: She lives in the same house as me! Nan likes to ask me how’s school and what I’ve been doing lately and all that! I tell her everything! Also I like to know what she did when she was younger and it all sounds interesting! You know, I’ve always wanted to travel back in time and experience what it was like to live back then! It sounds interesting (as I mentioned earlier!)

My pop: He also lives in the same house as me! He is sure active for a senior citizen (no offense pop!)! He is always willing to be doing something at any given moment (like I am!) and can lift pretty much anything! And pop is also very funny sometimes! The funniest thing he does is he takes a drink of beer or water, and says “Now I’m going to take a drink!” and puts the glass near his eye, ear, or nose and act like he didn’t know where the drink goes! I laugh every time!

Me, mom, dad, nan, pop, two cats, and one dog! It’s like a full house! LOL!

What do you like about your family members? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “My family!

  1. The thing I like about my family is that we hang out together a lot! We go fishing and camping together, we play board games, we watch movies and do all kinds of other stuff! I love hanging out with my family!

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