Weird dreams I’ve had

Hey blog world! This blog post will be on the top 5 weirdest dreams I’ve had (that I can remember of) Remember: I have a photographic memory! So don’t be too freaked out on how much I remember!

This dream happened when I was about 4 or 5: It was dawn in my neighborhood. The sky was orange and the sun was rising. Then, all of a sudden, I felt as if I was riding the Scrambler from Thomas Amusements ! Being lifted to one place to another. Then some house that was never in my neighborhood (which kinda looked like my cabin!) I went close and thought I was going to break the window! But I actually went through it without breaking it like a ghost! Nobody saw me or heard me (In fact! It just reminded me of a cene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Harry fell into the Goblet and placed in a court and the judge was about to punish someone and nobody could see him or hear him! And when two men shook hands both hands went right through Harry!)! Then the dream ended.

This dream happened when I was 8: I happened to be in the Santa Claus parade and it looked like I was being filmed! I was selling rocks in one box and collecting money ($1.00) in another! Me and a couple of others were doing this to win a trip. Then out of no where I tripped over own feet and spilled my rocks and money everywhere on the ground! Then I started crying and yelled “I WANNA GO HOME!” The dream ended and I remember waking up laughing at it!

This dream happened when I was 9 or 10: This dream happened in the summer time when I was at Bull Dog camp (gosh I sure miss going there every Friday night!)! We were coming back from Salmonier Nature Park and I decided to lay down and I ended up falling asleep on the bus! Nobody noticed me asleep. (probably because they were talking with their friends or they fell asleep themselves!) But I did tell everyone that I fell asleep! Anyhow on to the dream! I was on stage (in front of a big audience!) dancing with ballet and I thought “I don’t remember joining ballet!” then I realized that I was wearing the wrong costume while all the other girls were wearing tutus! (More like a nightmare!) I was wearing a hula skirt, a globe on my head, a tank top, and I had two of my feet glued into one slipper! Which was hard to move around so I used my arms to dance! Then as one of the moves where we shift over I didn’t want to but one girl said “Move!” and so I did, then fell! I woke up like “Phew! That God that wasn’t real!” Probably because I was watching the iDream of Dance iCarly episode the night before!

This dream happened last year when I was 13: I was going on a tour with a group of people (possibly tourists) then we were by a cliff and a giant came out of nowhere and said “And this is where us giants use the toilet!” and there was giant toilets inside of the cliff when he used a giant key to unlock it! Then we were leaving that place and a million clones of Big Bird playing Irish music! Then the dream ended!

This dream happened last year when I was 13: I was counting how many birds I saw throughout the day and took a picture of a flock of them I happened to see. As soon as I snapped the picture I realized I forgot to turn the flasher off! Then they had an angry look on their face and flew down at me! I ran away from them and noticed a greenhouse in our backyard! We never had a greenhouse but I didn’t care about that I didn’t want to be pecked! Then I closed the door and the birds were bumping into the glass trying to break through! I swatted my hands on the glass to shoo them away from the glass and then I woke up! Then I caught myself swatting my hands into the air while I was sleeping!

What are the weirdest dreams you’ve ever had? Tell me in the comments!


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