Snow Day

Hey blog world! Today it was a snow day for pretty much everyone! The east side of Newfoundland had a blizzard! And the weather was CRAZY! I happened to see this video on Facebook and in school yesterday where we happened to be watching it in Religion about a guy from North Sydney, Nova Scotia (I think) giving a weather report for Newfoundland! And he sure wasn’t kidding about how the conditions were gonna be like! Here’s the link:!

Here’s what I did today! Well I happened to be wake up at around 6-ish to do something, then I noticed the lights were dimmening! I thought they were gonna shut off on me! Then I stumbled back in bed and two minutes later the power went out! I have a fear of the dark so I just went under the blankets and put the light on for my iPod Touch! I didn’t go back to sleep I just stayed there awake lying there until about 8:00 a.m. (especially if one of your cats try to pounce and jump on you! LOL!) Since there was no electricity, I couldn’t have the usual thing I have for breakfast, (the toaster was not working) Nutella and toast, but luckily nan and pop had corn pops   cereal upstairs! So I had that for breakfast! That was good too!

In the morning the pets were going crazy! Simba (my dog) wanted to go outside but the door was blocked with snow so I took her by the leash and supervised her in the blowing snow! Sometimes when I would turn around in a certain direction sleet  would go into my face! LOL! Then Dante (my kitten) was running around in the dark and jumping around! And Raoul (my cat) was sleeping on the table for the day! (He’s been sleeping on the table recently (weird huh?) probably to get away from Dante because Dante sure loves to jump on him and such! LOL!) And when he woke up he sure was hungry!

At around 12-ish I went outside with pop to help him shovel! We had to climb over our fence to get the shovels! He did the patio and I did the path leading to the patio, the door, and the gate! I sure did a great job on it! So did he!

At around 3-ish was when our power came back on! I was happy when it did! Then it kept flickering on and off at random times but luckily it stopped that and now it’s on for good!

What do you do on snowstorms? Tell me in the comments!

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