Extreme Babysitting

Hey blog world! There’s a new show on YTV  that is very interesting, random, and funny! It’s called Extreme Babysitting (hosted by Andrew (Andy) Chapman)! It premiered on January 5th, 2013 and I missed it but luckily I found the first 3 episodes on this link: http://www.ytv.com/shows/137/extreme-babysitting/ the show comes on every Saturday on YTV! Yep, that show’s new! As I was watching some shows on YTV before, I happened to see a preview for this show and it seemed quite interesting! And I was right! The person getting punk’d on the show is supposed to be responsible, patient, and completley unaware that they’re being filmed! It’s kinda like the old show, Prank Patrol, except the people on Extreme Babysitting get pranked while babysitting and when a person they know is behind all this and decides to mess things up for them and see what they react to the phenomenon and pandemonium that’s happening while they’re victim is babysitting! At the end, they’ll say “You’re on Extreme Babysitting!” Also here’s the preview for Extreme Babysitting if the show sounds interesting to you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7UMWTpnvvs!

(Off-topic question!) What’s the funniest show you’ve ever seen? Tell me in the comments!


One thought on “Extreme Babysitting

  1. I’d say the funniest show I’ve ever seen is probably “Match Game”! It’s a funny game show on the Comedy Network where people have to answer questions and try and get the same answers as celebrities!

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