Favorites and least favorites!

Hey blog world! This blog post will be on my favorite and least favorite things from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Do It Yourself book! (Some of them I didn’t add from the book because I couldn’t think of any)

Favorite TV show: iCarly  I think this show is very funny and entertaining! Seen almost every episode of it! Luckily they’re doing re-runs of it! I watch it every time it comes on!

Least favorite TV show: Toddlers and Tiaras  I think it’s wrong to be dressing and putting make up on 3-9 year olds making them look like they’re 40! It should REALLY be taken off the air!

Favorite band singer (couldn’t think of any for bands so I used singers instead): Adele  I think Adele is a talented singer!

Least favorite singer: Justine Beaver  I found this online! LOL! In my opinion, he sounds like a girl.

Favorite Food: Popcorn  Even when I’m not in the movies, I enjoy snacking on popcorn! Especially cheese flavored!

Least favorite food: Onions  I don’t like how they taste. Mom says the reason I hate them is because an old friend of mine, D, said she hated them. But I don’t remember that at all!

Favorite celebrity: Daniel Radcliffe

Least favorite celebrity: Lindsey Lohan  She’s got arrested a bunch of times and did bad things so I don’t like her.

Favorite Smell: Brand new car or shoes! Sometimes I’d like to stay there all day and inhale the fumes.

Least favorite Smell: Burnt bacon. My dad accidently burnt bacon one morning and the smell was TERRIBLE!

Favorite villian: Heinz Doofenshmirtz  I think he’s funny!

Least favorite villian: Chucky  Way too scary!

Favorite shoe brand: Sketchers Yes, they’re sneakers!

Least favorite shoe brand: Uggs  They’re supposed to be “stylish” but I don’t think so. I will NEVER wear them.

Favorite store: Shoppers  Me and mom enjoy going in there!

Least favorite store: Mark’s Work Wearhouse  They never have clothes in there that I like. But when they do, it doesn’t fit me!

Favorite soda: None, sorry. I can’t drink soda because it’s full of sugar and I don’t like how the bubbles fizz on my tongue. So I can only drink water, juice, and milk.

Least favorite soda: All of them.

Favorite cereal: Lucky Charms

Least favorite cereal: Any kind of oatmeal

Favorite super hero: Perry the Platypus  I think he’s awesome!

Least favorite super hero:  I don’t find him quite interesting.

Favorite candy: Hersey’s Cookie’s n Creme  It tastes great!

Least favorite candy: Reese’s  Not a big fan of peanut.

Favorite restaurant: East Side Mario’s  I love it when me and my family go there! I especially love their ceaser salads and pastas!

Least favorite restaurant: Mary Browns  Famous? I don’t think so! I don’t find their chicken that great.

What are your favorite things? Least favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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