Day with mom!

Hey blog world! Today me and mom spent the day together! We are very close and all that, but were sure gone out for the full day! At around 11:30 or 12 ish, me and mom went to Old Navy ! Inside it’s very colourful with clothes! My mom said “It’s a mess in here!” LOL! I’ve noticed that they rearranged stuff too. The chasier used to be near the door now it’s in the middle of the store! The clothes I liked didn’t have my size. Yet the ones I didn’t like DID have my size. Don’t you just hate when that happens to you? I do! Luckily I found a teal sweater that I loved!

After that me and mom had lunch and Swis Chalet ! I ordered a ceaser salad! While mom ordered soup! They were pretty fast because we were only in there for less than an hour!

Then we went to The Village Mall where we happened to be looking around again!

On the way home we picked up Tim Horton’s ! We happened to be going through the drive-thru mom ordered a coffee and I ordered a Vanilla Dip but they actually gave us a Boston Creme! Luckily that was my second option! Then mom said “Maybe they should do ‘Mystery Donut’ for people who can’t decide what they want!” LOL! I sure agree with that!

Left at 11:30 and arrived home at arrived back at 3:30! 4 hours we were gone out!


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