Song Parodies!

Hey blog world! This post will be on my favorite song parodys! (Most of them are from thecomputernerd01)

Baby Doll – thecomputernerd01 (spoof of Baby by Justine Beaver)

Like My Minivan – thecomputernerd01 (spoof of Like a G6 by Far East Movement)

Grill This Trout – thecomputernerd01 (spoof of Scream and Shout by ft. Britney Spears)

Froot Loops – thecomputernerd01 (spoof of Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO)

Tik Tok – thecomputernerd01 (spoof of Tik Tok by Ke$ha)

Orange Nya Nya Style – Annoying Orange (spoof of Gangnam Style by PSY (yet another one!))

Mincraft Style (spoof of Gangnam Style by PSY)

Revenge (spoof of DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again by Usher)

Another One Rides The Bus – Weird Al Yankovic (spoof of Another One Bites The Dust by Queen)

What are your favorite song parodies? Tell me in the comments!


10 Minute Post

Hey blog world! This post I’ve got to write a blog post for just 10 minutes and when the timer goes off publish it! challenge accepted Here it goes!

Now this post will be on how I view myself!

Optimistic! I think postitive on everything I do. And unlike most 14 year olds, I actually have very high self esteem!

Intelligent! I have a logical thinking brain when it comes to mysteries and such! Also for example, in school I might not know how to do something, then once I’m taught it I actually learn pretty quickly!

Friendly! I’m nice to every single person! And I get along with everyone! My friend L.B. doesn’t really get along with most people in school I notice. It’s none of my buisness. I prefer to stay out of it.

Fun to be around! I tell quite a variety of interesting stories! Also I like to entertain my friends and sometimes other people with my sense of humor!

7 seconds! Bye!

Countries that I would like to visit!

Hi blog world! My friend, L.M., gave me a blog post suggestion on what I should do! L.M. sent me this link on Facebook:! It is a challenge without using three letter words! Once I have seen Challenge Accepted meme I typed back “Challenge accepted! (LOL!)” Sorry if some sentences don’t make sense! challenge accepted This blog post will be on countries that I would like to travel to (besides USA, also Canada) Here it goes!

Ireland ! A couple of my grandfather’s ansestors came from Ireland! Seems like nature of Ireland is a beautiful landscape! Also I have always wanted to learn to do an Irish dance!

Russia ! My father came from Russia! If I ever meet a couple of my Russian relatives, first thing I will quote is “Previet!” which means “Hello” in Russian! Then I might quote “Yavi Choos Heir” which means “I want cheese” in Russian! Funny! My mother said that as they first greeted my grandmother from Russia (my grandmother is no longer on planet Earth unfortunatley). I also have a half sister from Russia! V! V is 28 I think. Also landscapes, towns seem very nice to look around at!

England ! Towns also landscapes seem nice to look around at! England also have history there that seems interesting to know about! They also have great accents!

Want to attempt at this challege? If your mind chose to, good luck!


My friends!

Hey blog world! Now this post will be dedicated to my BFFs! They are both sure fun to hang around with! I am SO glad I met them! I also love it when we hang out together! It’s always a good time! (I just said a song lyric! LOL! Good Time by Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen!

L.M.: I met L.M. at Bulldogs summer camp in 2010 (Why did it have to close down? Oh, the memories!)! Me and L.B. (I’ll get to her soon!) met her there and we are sure glad we met each other! Me and L.M. sure like pretty much the same stuff! Like Chris De Burgh, cartoons, God, AGT (Amercia’s Got Talent) and a bunch of others! I see L.M. as interesting, fun to be around, awesome, and funny! I also forgot to mention, a talented singer!

L.B.: Me and L.B. first met in elementary school! We didn’t know each other until 4th grade, when we had to do a science project. Mr. Y said for everyone to choose their partners and everyone was with someone in the blink of an eye! Except for me and Laura! We decided to become partners, and after the project we got to know each other a bit better and next thing you know were best friends! We also go to the same junior high! Unfortunatley that she’s not in my class this year, we still see each other at lunch! Me and L.B. also have the same type of point of view! We think the same way! Hopefully me and L.B. will me in some classes together in high school next year! I see L.B. as funny, fun to be around, and awesome! In most people’s point of view, they see her as annoying and obnoxious. But I don’t!

What do you like about your BFFs? Tell me in the comments!

PSAs from the past

Hey blog world! Now this blog post will be on PSAs (Public Service Announcements) that used to come on as commercials long ago that I remember of. These are all from Concerned Children’s Advertisers

House Hippo Commercial I remember the first time I saw this I was just about to ask my mom for a house hippo until they said “You knew it wasn’t real, didn’t you?” and I was bummed out! I really wanted a house hippo!

Health Rock (Food Activity) This commercial’s song is actually pretty catchy! The commercial also motivates people into living a healthy lifestyle!

Body I actually think this commercial is pretty weird since a guy took his head off and danced around headless! Again this commercial also tells you on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Head This is the same guy from “Body”. Except he’s hungry and loses his head! When he finds his head, it gives him something healthy.

Ice Scream Every time this came on I would laugh since they missed the ice cream truck!

UNFORTUNATLEY: Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth This commercial used to creepy me out when I was little! And it would give me nightmares! It still scares me to this day! The scary puppets! I am SO glad they took this off the air!

Think Before You Post I’m not sure if it’s still playing as a commercial or not. By the way I sure do think before I post! And know how to spot an internet predator.

UNFORTUNATLEY: We’re Not Candy Again this commercial creeped me out when I was little and still does to this day! (Me and L.M. made this title and the other title with UNFORTUNATLEY on it as one of our forbidden words!)

Moe Funky (not sure why it’s called that) In this commercial it tells you when it comes to important decisions, don’t play games. Instead, use your head. (That rhymed!)

Smart as You In this commercial it’s a talking TV that tells you about how your as smart as the TV and you have choices and such.

The Chase When this commercial came on I thought it was funny since he was being chased by girls!

Media Monkey When this commercial came on I thought it was funny since the monkey kept flicking things off! When I think about it if some monkey kept flicking off my lights, computer, TV, and such, I would be annoyed. This commercial tells you to not depend on technology for healthy choices – but to make them yourself.

What commercials do you remember from the past? Did I miss any? Tell me in the comments!

My pets!

Hey blog world! This post will be all about my pets! I got three pets! Two cats, Raoul and Dante, and one dog, Simba! I sure love them all!

Raoul: He’s my first pet! Raoul was around before I was! I love petting him down and having him come in the room with me watching me on the computer! He will sometimes sleep on my bed in the night! Although he sleeps on the table (we put a cat bed there!) now that Dante is here (probably to avoid getting jumped or tackled by him)! Raoul will even listen to me when I call out to him and such! And it’s very easy for me to make him purr!

Dante: We had him in our house since October 16th, 2012! I was suprised to see him in our house! He’s five months old at the moment! Dante is very hyper and full of energy! Even in the night time! A couple days ago I woke up in the middle of the night and felt tapping on my nose! You’ve guessed it! It was Dante! LOL! Sometimes I’ll even see paws under my door while I’m in my room! LOL!

Simba: We had her since I was 7! I remember begging for a dog! One day I came home from school and there she was in my backyard and I saw dad and mom playing in the backyard with Simba! “Who owns that dog?” I asked “It’s yours!” said mom and dad! I was just so happy that I didn’t know what to say! We sure enjoy playing with her in the backyard, taking her for walks with us, and bringing her to the dog park!

Do/did you have any pets? Tell me in the comments!


Hey blog world! This post will be on puzzles. I sure love doing puzzles! I started on one tonight! It’s a 300 peice puzzle I’m doing (at the moment) and the picture is a kitten laying down near flower pots and gardening seeds! I’m doing great so far! I still got a bunch of other puzzle pieces left to go! This puzzle actually comes with 9 others in a box (not too big!) (my aunt and uncle gave it to me for Christmas)! They are Bellaqueste (a rainforest (I think) and there’s a leopard crawling out of the bushes (the plants and all that are quite colourful!)) and it has 500 pieces, The Gathering (a bunch of safari animals gathering around a hill (which seems to be man on a hill holding a scroll) and I think there’s a gigantic boat in the background) and this one has 1000 pieces, Petite Dancers (two young balarinas in pink tutus) and it has 500 pieces, Seaside (a patio near an ocean) and it has 500 pieces, Moonstruck (three wolves howling at a full moon in the winter) and it has 750 pieces, At The Market (in the picture there’s a village holding a fruit and vegetable market outside) and it has 500 pieces, Mountain Creek Cabin (a log cabin near a creek with lots of trees) it has 500 pieces, Winter Dawn (unicorns on land by a lake with mountains in the background and on the ground there’s colourful, tiny flowers) it has 750 pieces, Beethoven’s Fifth (a man with a yellow raincoat on with a cowboy hat playing the accordian and his dog is watching him play!) it has 300 pieces, and last but not least, and yes it’s the one I’m doing at the moment! Nelson And Flower Pots ((I think the cat’s name is Nelson) and in the picture there’s a kitten laying down near flower pots and gardening seeds! And the total pieces in the box is 5600 pieces! That’s a lot! But I can do it!