Monsters Inc. Movie Review

Hey blog world! This is my very first blog post on reviewing movies that I’ve seen! First one is…..Monster Inc. (Inc. stands for Incorperated (I don’t know if I spelt that right))! I went to see it with L.M. today! She says this is the first movie she saw in theatres. I thought I never seen it before. But then a memory from grade 1 flashed back when we happened to be watching it and the first scene but I don’t think I was interested in it back then but I sure am now! Anyhow it’s about all these monsters who like scaring little kids and see which monster makes the top list of scaring the most kids in the night. After James (nicknamed Sully) (one of the monsters)  attempts to scare one certain kid, Boo,  happens to follow Sully back and is apparently considered a “monster” to all the other monsters when she goes into their land. After a while Sully and Mike  (another one of the monsters) actually begin to like her after a while and dress her up as one of the monsters so she won’t get noticed by other monsters. Especially since Boo is afraid of Randal  (another one of the monsters). Who Sully beat in the contest on who scares the most people. In fact! I’ve noticed something about Randall! He has the same personality as Randall Randall.jpg from Recess.

Well I don’t want to ruin the rest of the movie for those of you who want to see it!

If you saw it, what was your favorite part? Least favorite? Tell me in the comments!


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