Baking Christmas cookies!

Hey blog world! Today in our kitchen, me and mom were baking Christmas cookies! They were shortbread cookies and gingerbread cookies! Firstly, mom was resting so I thought I could attempt at baking the gingerbread cookies all by myself! Attempt succeeded! Mom then came out ten minutes later and started working on the shortbread cookies! I couldn’t help but take some of the dough while passing by! Later on when she wasn’t looking I took a (tiny) ball of dough that was on a plate! Don’t you guys tell her, ok? LOL! Anyhow after I finished rolling it in the dough, I started making shapes out of it! They were gingerbread men (of course!), teddy bears, snowflakes, Santa Claus (I still believe in him by the way), Christmas trees, and Santa’s boots! We didn’t have any white icing for the Santa cookie but dad found icing mix! When he was done stiring I thought santa’s thingy on top of his hat and his beard were gonna be beige ! LOL! But as I put it on Santa and a couple of the snowflake ones they turned white! I knew the gingerbread cookies were gonna turn out well (I have VERY high self-esteem don’t forget!)! And they did! My mom, dad, nan, and pop said they tasted great! And they did! So did the shortbread cookies that mom made herself! It was also tasty!

Did you bake anything for Christmas? If so, tell me which ones in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Baking Christmas cookies!

  1. I baked a lot of things! I made chocolate chip cookies, rice krispie squares, marshmellow squares banana bread, coconut cream pie and santa hats (a brownie covered in whipped cream with a strawberry on top and more whipped cream on the strawberry!) It was hard work but a lot of fun! The marshmellow cookies were an epic fail and weren’t edible but other than that everything else turned out great and all tasted yummy!

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