Great start to the first day of Christmas!

Hey blog world! Today is when Christmas vacation starts! It’s also the first day of winter!Now why is the first day of Christmas a great start? Well I’m gonna get to that now! Today, our school went to see “The Hobbit”  in theatres early today! It was a graet movie! Some scenes I almost fell asleep but other than that it was quite interesting! I didn’t get any popcorn or nothing because the line up was big and all that and my friend L.B. (I got two friend whose names both start with an L so I use their initials) was nice to share me her Maltesers (a type of candy) in the theatre! Everyone got back to school at 12:30 p.m. and it was time to go home! At around 3:00 me and mom (with the help of my dad!) were baking sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies! I couldn’t help but to take some cookie dough and eat it! It tastes so good! I took about three cookies when they were cooled off! They tasted great! Tomorrow we’ll be making gingerbread people! At 7:30 I watched Home Alone ! I used to watch it all the time when I was little! Not even caring that it was a Christmas movie! Now I watch at the right time – Christmas! It’s my favorite Christmas movie!

This year’s gonna be an awesome Christmas! I knows it!


3 thoughts on “Great start to the first day of Christmas!

  1. Sounds like you had fun! I had a great last day of school too! Yesterday we had a pancake breakfast and some dude dressed as Ted (the teddy bear from the movie “Ted”) showed up LOL! Also I got to hang out with the special needs kids and watch “Home Alone”! To end off the day we had a concert! Some of the teachers formed a band and played for us! I got to sing too! I sang “The Mummers Song”! Our new school mascot Duke the bulldog even came out and danced with us while the teachers were playing! It was an awesome day!

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