Bucket List

Hey blog world! Ever heard of a bucket list? Its when you make a list of things you want to do before you die. Here’s what I have on my bucket list (so far!)

#1. Climb Mount Everest or Mount Logan! I’m a thrill seeker so I thought I should give it a try sometime in life!

#2. Go to AT LEAST five music concerts. And YC (a christian music thingy that I’ll explain sometime next year when it comes to Newfoundland) or musicals or even plays don’t count. I got highly sensitive ears so I’m gonna try to face my fear. That includes a One Direction concert with psychopathic fan girls! (It may take a while!)

#3. Go ziplining! As I said earlier, I’m a thrill seeker! I’ve never been ziplining but it sure does seem fun!

#4. Go to every continent (except for Antarctica)! That includes North America (I already live in North America but I mean a different country by that!), South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia!

#5. Write a good story. I suck at Language Arts, but its worth a try!

#6. Go in a submarine! I’ve always wanted to go in one for as long as I can remember! It would be cool to go underwater and see whats deep down in the ocean!

#7. Volunteer at Special Olympics when I’m older! My BFF Leah is in it. I can’t join since I don’t have anything mental or physical and since its so far away. So I’ll volunteer when the time comes! I highly support special needs!

#8. Go to MUN! I plan to be a medical doctor or even a 3rd or 8th grade teacher! If I become a doctor, I won’t have sloppy handwriting. And if I become a teacher, I won’t be an annoyed with anything or anyone.

I don’t know what else to write for my bucket list! So many things that I forgot! LOLZ! What do you plan to do before you die? Tell me in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. One thing I absolutely HAVE to do before I die is give Peanut a big hug! Peanut is my favorite one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets! SInce he’s coming here in January and I’ve got tickets after (or maybe even during) the show I really wanna give Peanut a hug!

      • Same! His live shows are amazing! If he does come back here and we go we should totally both wear red! Also we should try and get hugs! It’s the most amazing feeling and I was so glad to have experienced it! hope someday you get to experience it too!

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