Weird, yet catchy songs!

Hey blog world! Here are songs that I found both weird and catchy at the same time!

MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This Good song to play in museums! I didn’t come up with that but I sure agree with it!

Weird Al Yankovic – Another One Rides the Bus I’ve became attached to this song a lot last year that I can’t even sing the original version Another Bites the Dust by Queen! LOLZ! Skip to 1:06 (if you want)

Justin Hines – Tomato Hat This used to come on a lot on the old TV show “Ants In Your Pants” (when I was 3, 4 and 5 I would wake up early to watch this!) Good childhood memories!

PSY – Gangnam Style You can barely understand it because its Korean. For the English version its about a lady who drinks coffee!

le Internet Medley There’s these bunch of memes that show up! I find it very amusing!

What are the weirdest or catchiest songs you’ve heard? Tell me in the comments!

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