Junior Achievement

Hey blog world! Today at school we didn’t have any classes today! Instead we had a presentation about Economics for success aka Junior Achievement where we all went in groups for this! All the grade 9 classes participated in this! (No we were not all in the same room!) Firstly, we played a board game about going off college and getting there along with jobs and such. I didn’t play because some guy in my class accidently put my game piece in his mouth and thought it was a piece of candy! LOLZ! So I just decided to watch! (Don’t like germs!) Secondly we guessed prices of items in the grocery store on a piece of paper and afterwards gave out the actual price. Then were thinking about what are dream job would be! I’ve decided to be a doctor and if that doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll be an elementary teacher! Then, in our booklet we learned about bills, taxes (BORING!) I’ll have no problem in the future with it I believe. Because I will have an excellent job in the future. Money worries don’t stress me out. Weird huh? Anyhow, then we did skits on how to act properly during job interviews. Don’t chew gum, pay attention, give full eye contact, dress properly, keep your phone OFF, and be on time for it. And lastly, we were given trivia questions and given red tickets for the draw if we got it right! I got one right! (They went around the whole room for everyone to have a turn) No I did not win. Who cares! Then we were given certificates for participating in this activity! Have you ever went through a presentation of plans, preparation and such for the future or similar to what we did today? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Junior Achievement

  1. I had a presentation from Junior Achievements in grade 6! My teacher and the presenter did a skit on what not to do during a job interview! It was funny! That was definately my favorite part!

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