Hey blog world! I’m a VERY big fan of internet memes! My BFF, Leah, posted from their blog about memes ! So I decided that I would post one about my favorite memes too!

 Troll Face – Troll Face is the master of trolling (trolling is another word for tricking or pranking) You might even see him pop up if you’ve been trolled! And there’s a song called the Trololo Song

 Cereal Guy – He’s a guy who eats cereal – and has a great comebacks and/or insults for anything!

 Y U NO Guy – I find his memes quite amusing! Whenever he thinks there is something wrong, he is not afraid to say “Y U NO? (Something something)!”

 Overly Attached Girlfriend – She creeps me out (the look on her face and her bone chilling sentences!) but her meme is still great! She made a parody of JB’s (not gonna say his name because he sucks.) Boyfriend!

So what are your favorite memes? Tell me in the comments!


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